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Pywikipediabot is the common name for the Python Wikipedia Robot Framework, a package of bot scripts written in Python, an interpreted programming language. It is sometimes known as PyWikiBot, PyBot, or PWB and the various names are also sometimes written in CamelCase, thus PyWikipediaBot. The bot was developed in Python 2.x and will not function in Python 3.x. The bot was originally developed for editing the English Wikipedia but is now used on all Wikimedia Foundation projects and many private wikis that run on the MediaWiki framework. A knowledge of Python is helpful to run the bot and is required to be able to modify the bot or work on further development, Python resources can be found at our Python page. This site was originally a development site for pywikipediabot for a few developers who did not have commit access to the svn repository, smart online betting so some historical material may be available here; however official documentation and up-to-date code is elsewhere. Of course, general help with all bots is available here, including the pywikipediabot.

  • The code for Pywikipediabot is maintained in the mediawiki subversion respository viewable from here and downloadable from [1]
  • There is a project page at SourceForge which just contains a few links and development project page at [2] but it is mainly an entry point to the bug tracker. The only real coordination takes place through the mailing lists and, free casino to an extent, the bug tracker.
  • We have a Quick start guide: Manual:Speed guide for pywikipediabot‚Äé, which may help get you up and running faster than trying to work through all the documentation at MediaWiki.org; however, you should become familiar with the major documentation pages before using a bot extensively.
  • We also have a development wish list, Pywikipediabot/wishlist, because currently there is no active pywikipediabot project development page.
  • There is a fork of the Pywikipediabot, known as the Rewrite Pywikipediabot also available on the Wikimedia Svn. It has no external documentation though there may be some in the mailing list poker diary archives.
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